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Annual Meeting of Health Information Management

In September each year, JHIM organizes a scientific conference in a major city in Japan, attracting healthcare professionals involved in the management and use of health information and educators from universities and other institutions from across the country. Attendance each year exceeds 2,000, and more than 200 presentations are given on a wide range of topics related to health information management. The students’ session is also organized as a recent addition to the conference.

Top speakers from Japan and abroad are invited to speak on the latest developments and trends in health information. At the 33rd annual meeting in Kyoto in 2007 (presided by Dr. Takao Takeda) and the 35th annual meeting in Hamamatsu in 2009 (presided by Dr. Tsuneo Sakai), Dr. Bedirhan Üstün, the WHO Coordinator for the International Classification of Diseases, delivered the keynote address.

Certification of “health information administrators”
Qualification for health information managers and lifelong education
Shinryo Joho Kanri(Health Information Management)
Lifelong education seminar for health information managers
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