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Lifelong education seminar for health information managers

As part of post-certification education, JHIM has been organizing lifelong education seminars for health information managers in major cities in Japan since June 2003. Designed to impart knowledge on the current trends in medicine and healthcare in this era of rapidly changing world, the seminar is structured around latest topics in health information management and provides an excellent gateway for health information managers to burnish their skills and expertise. Starting in April 2008, JHIM’s seven local chapters in Japan have been organizing the lifelong education seminars in their regional blocs. Attendance at the lifelong education seminars is also one of the requirements for candidates applying for HIM Supervisor certification. The seminar is organized six times a year: twice in the spring, once in the autumn, and three times in the winter. As of March 2016, a total of 81 seminars have been organized with the total attendance of 122,446.

Lectures on subject matters that meet the needs of health information managers and symposiums on timely What’s New attract large turnouts.

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