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Japan Society of Health Information Management Code of Ethics 2013

1. We pursue the realization of safe and quality healthcare through the study of how medical records should be and how such information should be managed and used.

2. We fully recognize that health information is personal information that must be protected at all costs, and use such information judiciously in contributing to advancement of medicine and healthcare.

3. We aim to realize patient-centered healthcare through accurate recording and proper management of health information and securing patients and their families access to the information.

4. We promote information sharing within the systems of hospital referrals and team-based healthcare, while protecting the rights of patients by preserving confidentiality of information among those with access to the information.

5. We improve our HIM skills through education and training, conduct research and studies, and work towards raising the status of HIM professionals in society.

6. We collaborate with a broad range of related organizations and professional groups and actively promote international cooperation.

7. We comply with all related rules and regulations concerning the conduct of scientific research and studies and presentation of the results, including those related to protection of personal information and conflict of interest.

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